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Conquering the impostor syndrome to claim the joy, zest, and power of your success

Welcome to Empress Has No Clothes

This is an online community dedicated to helping people who struggle with the impostor syndrome claim the joy, zest, and power of their success.
Too many of us fritter away too much time, talent, and emotional energy fearing that the success we have achieved is not warranted and therefore seeing failure lurking behind every door. Inspired by my life-long struggle with the impostor syndrome, this community offers people from all walks of life a supportive place to share their experiences with impostor feelings and their techniques for conquering them.

The Power of Deep Feedback: Breaking Through Career Plateaus

By Guest Blogger, Cherrie K. Fisher

Honor yourself for who you are. There is a place where you belong and where you will be truly valued. It takes faith and time to find it. Sandra Timmons, president, A Better Chance (The Empress Has No Clothes, page 193)

I had lunch with a friend last month who shared how frustrated she was because she had been striving for a promotion for a long time and it hadnt happened. She worked really hard, put in long hours, made the extra effort, and yet she hadnt gotten to the next level.  I could sure relate.  I also felt as if I had done everything right but was passed up for promotion. I had created a team that produced significant results for my organization in a very short amount of time. My manager even told me that everything I touched turned to gold. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I even thought about quitting. I started questioning myself, and then I started wondering what was driving me. Why was I placing so much emphasis on getting promoted? Why was it such an important goal for me?  What did I really want out of my career?  A much-needed vacation allowed me time to think.

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As a trailblazer in the corporate world for 25 years, Joyce Roché mentored women by encouraging them to find their voices and take bold career risks to excel. Her vision for empowered businesswomen carried over into her work on behalf of girls when in 2000, she assumed the role of President and CEO of Girls Inc., the nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Before joining Girls Inc., Ms. Roché served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Carson Products Company, and Vice President of Global Marketing at Avon Products, Inc. During her tenure at Carson, an African American personal care company, sales increased over 130 percent. While at Avon, Ms. Roché broke new ground, becoming Avon's first African American female vice president, the first African American vice president of marketing, and the company's first vice president of global marketing.