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Comparing Your Insides to Other's Outsides - Understanding the Impostor Syndrome
By Joyce M. Roché | Feb 08, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, at a small gathering at a friend's house, I fell into conversation with a young man who is a very successful entrepreneur. He got very animated when I mentioned The Empress Has No Clothes. "Can I get an advance copy?" he said. "No matter how well the company does, I still feel like I'm playacting every time I go to a conference or sit on a panel."

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Why The Empress Has No Clothes Why The Empress Has No Clothes
By Joyce M. Roché | Nov 11, 2011

An African-American woman from a family of very modest means, I had, through hard work and perseverance, pulled myself up to unprecedented heights in Corporate America, becoming the first Black woman officer of a Fortune 500 corporation.

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