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Lessons I have learned that I would tell my younger self - Part lV
By | Dec 28, 2016

Dear readers,

Sadly, I am including the last letter on Lessons I have learned", from our last amazing woman, Renell. This last letter of lessons from these four highly accomplished women about their journey to success is a gift they are giving to other woman. Renell writes in her letter about being afraid of your success and sometimes running away because you fear making a mistake. She teaches us that we need to stay the course and not let others make us feel we don't belong. All of the lessons that I have shared over the past month in this series are important ones to take to heart and to remember on our own journeys.

Please read Renell's words of wisdom:


Dear Renell,
Well, you did it! You became the business woman that you and your best friend, Curtis, talked about in high school. He became a doctor like he said he would, too. But, the two of you never married. Wasn't in the cards. You did marry a wonderful man, you have two beautiful daughters, and an amazing grandson. You made your family and friends proud. You cracked the glass ceiling at one of the best companies in the world. You have a full life. You're happy. You're grounded. You're whole.

You put in a lot of hard work to achieve your goals. Remember the way you felt your senior year in college when you got that offer letter from Chase Manhattan Bank in NYC? You were so excited and nervous - all at the same time. You called your mom - the first thing you still do whether something good or bad happens - and she did not want her baby to go to NY. But, you insisted. You told her you could do it. And, you did. And you continue to do it. What a dream come true.

You've learned so much about life and about yourself while on this journey. You've learned how to have a family and a great career. You've learned the importance of relationships, personal and professional, and how to nurture them. You've learned how to be faithful, how to follow your instincts and cover your blind spots.

Sure, it wasn't easy. And, you've made many mistakes, big MISTAKES... like when you left one great company to pursue another opportunity. Now, why did you do that? You were on the fast track. You had so much support, so much exposure. What happened? Well, you finally figured it out. After all these years, you finally realize that you were afraid... afraid of success. You were afraid of being in the spotlight and making a mistake. It terrified you. Although you've been competitive all of your life, the prospect of getting that ULTIMATE promotion actually paralyzed you.

But, oh have you learned. You've learned, and you've shared with other women the importance of staying the course... the importance of charting your own destiny and never letting anyone make you feel like you don't belong. Now, you're on a mission... a mission to help others avoid the mistakes you made. You find pleasure in mentoring others and helping them to navigate this thing called a career.

I'm proud of you, Renell. And, as I look at the reflection of you in my rearview mirror, I realize you're an accurate and perfect reflection of me. For without you, my younger self, I would not be the woman I am today.