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Lessons I have learned that I would tell my younger self - Part lll
By | Dec 11, 2016

In the first letter you heard from Jennifer, that perfection is overrated and how she learned she didn't have to work so hard and sacrifice so much in order to achieve her goals.  Then the lesson from Tamika was she learned that she was worthy of her success and that she was not a mistake.  Now I am pleased to introduce you to Michele our third amazing woman.  You will read from Michele that it is important to keep it all in perspective and that when we feel overwhelmed and stressed take time to reflect on all you have achieved and all the good in your life.


Let me now introduce you to Michele:

Dear younger self (Michele),

You will enjoy great success in your life and in your career. Take time to pause and reflect on how that came to be. The road will not always be easy but the journey will be worth it.

At times, you will find yourself living what seems like an unsustainable pace. Family, school, work, family, school, work, family, work...STOP. BE PRESENT. A few minutes of banter with mom or dad during the work day may seem frivolous in the moment but some day that moment will be priceless.

As you progress in your career, you will at times find yourself feeling stressed, perhaps frustrated or overwhelmed. I have one word for you. It's called "PERSPECTIVE". Come back to center and remember in the grand scheme of life you are fortunate - you and your family are healthy and you enjoy all the comforts of life like a home, food, safety and access to education and good jobs.

Remain humble and connected. Your title, your job...they do not define you. It is the strength of your character, your conviction and your service and commitment to others that does. Never lose touch with that reality.

Have confidence. The path will not always be clear but your judgment is sound and enhanced by the strength of your Board - yes, you have a fabulous board made up of 12 board members. Trust your judgment and heed the advice of your Board and friends and mentors.

Finally, be fearless. When a voice tells you, "you don't stand a chance at a particular opportunity", IGNORE IT. It's only a voice. Instead, remember what Dad once said, "go for it...the worst that can happen is they will say no; if they do, at least you will know the answer as opposed to never having tried."

Oh and PS-If you learn nothing else from this letter, please don’t forgot to wear your sunscreen and eye cream.

With love, your older self